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*All dumplings are delivered fresh and cooked*

A bundle of 5 Hokkien Dumplings with Salted Eggs.


A premium version of the traditional Hokkien-styled Dumplings with pork, chestnut and salted egg.First bite into the piping hot dumpling and you will taste the perfect blend of glutinous rice and pork.A second bite will bring you to the salted egg, adding an additional umami to the overall flavour profile.The chestnut will add a crunchy texture to the otherwise chewy yet soft bite.


Try for yourself and be the judge.

Hokkien Dumplings with Salted Egg X 5

  • The dumplings delivered are all prepared on the day of delivery. If kept refrigerated, the dumplings are good for 3-5 days. 

    Do remember to heat it up before indulging in the goodness. 

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